Shannon Meakings

Event Coordinator

After graduating with a Psychology degree, Shannon went back to school – supporting the PE Department as Administrator and leading the multiple lacrosse teams as head coach. The variety of work, multiple levels of co-ordinating time-sensitive logistics and the exacting standards gave her a taste for a bigger challenge.

The idea of an event beginning as just a concept in a client’s head and helping them turn that into a reality and more, was the reason Shannon looked to the events industry. Peachy were glad to have a suitable opening, welcoming her energy and passion for pulling together all the components to bring events to life.

While Shannon is stuck in learning the ropes and supporting all aspects of our events, she turns any frown upside down with family time, her fiancé, and playing lacrosse! She also finds time to be a cross-stitch master.

Best work traits: In Shannon’s own words she’s ‘a keen bean’! Saying yes is a natural reaction, helping people out where she can with a real love for learning.