Large Outdoor Celebrations

Marking an important occasion, be it for remembrance, retirement, birthday or achievements in one person or a host of peoples lives.  We understand that it’s an event that requires finesse and attention to detail, leaving our clients to enjoy hosting an event that will reflect on the occasion being celebrated.

Royal Hospital of Chelsea

Celebrations are special occasions, Peachy provided the Royal Hospital of Chelsea with large exterior screens and bespoke rigging structures to mount screens and sound. Cameras were positioned to provide live feed to the screens.  Pyrotechnics were used to add drama, these were set off from points rigged to the building around the courtyard.

Lighting an event is not only essential but can go along way to create the perfect backdrop and ambience.  Using a combination of wash lights to get your base hue, broken up with distinctive complimentary colours and designs in keeping with your events theme or styling.  This is one of the services within the vast range of production services available.

Our creative team are constantly looking for new ways to style an event making optimum use of our equipment, this enables us to pass on the savings to our clients and really focus the budget on areas to add the extra wow factor.  We are always on the lookout and keep ahead of the trends, taking inspiration from the film and fashion industry.  If you’d like to talk to us about producing your next celebration, a member of the team at the Peachy office will gladly discuss your ideas over with you.

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Case Studies

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We were delighted with the products. Your guys were incredibly helpful when they were setting the kit up and I was very impressed with the attitude and approach.
Would highly recommend you to all and sundry.

Christopher Ford